Experiments in Reciprocity

A working framework for exploring, testing, and designing around living close to the land in ways that give back more than we take.

This platform is intended to spark interests and collaboration. Please reach out to us by E-mailwith any questions.

Looking at all of the research and information available, we first set out to distill diverse systems-thinking into palatable and palpable experiences.

While, we may or may not be finding solutions, we are proposing alternatives. Along the lines of permaculture thinking,
Dense Journal designs for abundance. More outputs than inputs. A simple but profound statement that begins to reframe many current problems, as that of design problems.

We formed an internet garden to catalogue these studies. But see it as essential to take ideas, theories and research into the world, with working 1:1 models.

We are part of ecology and therefore part of a system of giving and taking. That is the world we are building.
Dense Earthers

Manifesto: Design is ecology. Our role as designers should be to work in harmony with nature.Yet the age of the image and consumption has brought on a glossy aesthetic. At the same time natural design has been marked by a primitive and unrefined appeal.We present a new world designed for abundance.

Time on the land, as caretakers. That is the role of humans. more info